Move Over Ladybugs!

Nita Davidson will give a tour of natural enemies in the garden beyond familiar lady beetles and mantises.  She’ll also discuss what to do when faced with zillions of aphids or whiteflies and how to avoid infestations.  As a toddler in Los Angeles, Nita Davidson began her entomological journey turning over rocks in her backyard and watching the creepy crawlies under them scurry away.  In college, she focused on biology, writing and botany.  When she found out that UC Berkeley had an entire department devoted to entomology, she headed to graduate school there, where she studied integrated pest management (IPM).  Later, while a postdoc at UC Davis, she researched an invasive stink bug and reduced its presence throughout the Sacramento Valley by releasing its natural enemies. In 1993, she began working at the Department of Pesticide Regulation where she worked on implementing IPM and developing outreach.