Circle Hoe

I am sorry to report that I have had no luck finding a source of the circle hoe.  I have contacted the business in Grants Pass and they say that they have had problems with production.  Well, this has been the case for years now, so I don’t have any idea when this great hoe is going to be available.  Also, the gardensnob web site seems to be gone.  While hoe surfing, I came across ads for diamond files.  These are thin metal strips that are impregnated with industrial diamond.  The files are available in different grits similar to sandpaper.  The advantage to these files is first that they are thin and can fit into narrow spaces like where pruner blades come together.  These files also work in any direction—forwards, backwards, and sideways.  I ordered a set of three files of different grits and am anxious to try them out on your tools.         

Stan, The Blog Man